Tanning Lotions for Tattoos


Many people today have tattoos.  If you are one of those people, you know that tattoos can require touch ups and proper protection. They will naturally fade over time no matter what you do. To make matters worse, UV exposure will only accelerate this process. What I’m trying to say is that tanning and tattoos don’t mix well – at all.

You’ve most likely invested a pretty penny in this work of art but like many people, you still want that sun kissed look. Obviously, your best move would be to completely cover up your tattoos or at least put a good sunblock on before tanning (I recommend Tattoo Goo Color Guard Stick). If not, there are some good tanning lotions out there that come equipped with tattoo fade protection. So let’s take a look at the top 5 best tanning lotions for tattoos.

As always, these are in no particular order!

Best Tanning Lotions for Tattoos

Ed Hardy Black Elixir Silicone Bronzer Tattoo Fade Protection Tanning Lotion

First up is Ed Hardy Black Elixir Silicone Bronzer Tattoo Fade Protection Tanning Lotion. Not a fan of their clothes? That’s okay, neither am I! But don’t let that stop you from checking out their tanning lotions. So what’s so great about this lotion? Well, aside from it offering a tattoo fade protecting complex (which is the main reason), it’s simply a fantastic tanning lotion by itself, which is also what we’re looking for.

This lotion is packed with anti-aging and skin firming properties as well as an advanced silicone bronzing cocktail. Speaking of bronzing, this stuff will get you DARK. So if bronzers isn’t your thing, you’ll definitely want to skip this one. If it is however, then look no further.  You should notice color immediately after only one use and continue for a deep, golden brown tan that lasts a long time. Although I haven’t seen many negatives when it comes to this lotion, I would be sure to rub it in well to avoid streaking. After all, it is a bronzer!

Designer Skin Pretty & Reckless Extreme Tanning Intensifier

tanning lotions for tattoosUp next we have Designer Skin Pretty & Reckless Extreme Tanning Intensifier. When it comes to tanning lotion brands, Designer Skin is a popular one. They are known for putting out high quality products and are also one of my personal favorites. If you’re not big on bronzing lotions then this might be a good match for you as this works as an accelerator (intensifier).

The Skin Rehab™ Technology is full of antioxidants to protect and detoxify your skin from free radicals while Shea Butter and Vitamin E work to keep your skin hydrated. The potent tan activators provide you with a deeper, darker and long lasting color. Let’s not forget the best part, this baby is laced with Anti-Fade Tattoo Protection! This helps protect your ink against those damaging wavelengths, keeping your tats fresh and vibrant. The smell is not too shabby either – Champagne & Hibiscus. Go ahead, check it out!

Devoted Creations LIL BIT COUNTRY Creme Bronzer

She’s gone country, look at dem boots! Sorry, I had too! 🙂 But hey, country girls (and guys of course) are hot and I’m excited to talk about Devoted Creations LIL BIT COUNTRY Creme Bronzer. If you’re fixin’ to leave the shore behind and venture down yonder then pick up some up this stuff!

Lil’ Bit Country is another lotion that is packed with bronzing power. So if bronzing isn’t your thing, keep on keepin’ on. It is mixed with BB Crème Formula to give your skin maximum hydration and a flawless finish. It is also packed with skin firming and toning properties such as Matrixyl Synthe 6, RevitaFit, and Body Fit to keep those worrisome saddlebags under control! I’m kidding about the saddlebags of course! 😀 Nothing wrong with a little humor, right? And as expected, it comes with tattoo fade and color protection to keep that art looking fresh! As always, be sure to rub this lotion in well because, like all bronzers, it can cause streaking if not applied properly.

If you’re really looking to step up your game then check out Lil Bit Redneck Sizzling Hot Bronzer. It’s by the same company (Devoted Creations) and just debuted in spring 2015. It also comes with tattoo and color fade protection!

Black Ink 100x Black Bronzer

Another leading tanning product for those of us with tattoos, Black Ink 100x Black Bronzer offers a broad-based formula with lots of benefits.

The basic tanning platform is built on Quad Tyrosine and MelanoBronze, which help to stimulate the melatonin in your skin. This brings out the toasty bronze color that marks a healthy tan. No matter what your skin tone is, the bronzing effect is high-impact, and can be used in the tanning salon, or out in the sun. The fragrance is great, and doesn’t linger after you tan unlike many lotions. Built into the formula is a combination that enhances your skin to give you a firm and youthful appearance. In part, this is due to the deep hydration that the lotion provides, but it’s also the extra BodyFit formulation that reduces cellulite and helps your skin plump up naturally.

But the most important feature in Black Ink is the tattoo color and fade protection. When your body art is exposed to the harsh sun, the effect on the brightness and tone of your ink can fade quick. Protecting the color and design from the fade impact of the tanning bed or the sun is important, and easy with Black Ink. The only downside to this lotion is the tendency of staining – make sure to wash your hands quickly after applying, or you’ll be sorry!

Le Moment TM Devoted Creations Tanning Lotion

When you’re tanning, be it in the salon or out on the beach, you know that the sun is dehydrating your skin. It used to be that we considered dry skin part of the bargain for a deep, natural and vibrant tan. When you are able to use a tanning lotion that not only enhances the tanning process but also gives your skin back nutrients it needs to stay healthy, elastic and firm. You’re making a decision that will help your skin far into the future.

The healthy skin care component of Le Moment TM Devoted Creations Tanning Lotion means it’s going to provide regeneration and tone to your skin, even while you tan. It’s also going to protect your tattoos and skin art from the harsh impacts of the ultraviolet light, keeping the color bright and sharp. The quality of tan that Le Moment gives you is pretty impressive. For those of you who are used to having to tan twice a week, the general consensus is that this cuts your tanning time in half. The dark, long lasting color is part of the charm as well as the great fragrance and health benefits, which aren’t too shabby either. Word of warning though –  applying this lotion when you’re wearing light colors, or without washing your hands thoroughly after applying, can result in staining. Also, you don’t need a whole lot of this stuff! A little bit goes a long way toward that amazing tan you’re looking for! Le Moment has an island reputation, and people who try it never want to leave. 🙂