Jwoww Tanning Lotion Reviews


Top 6 Best JWoww Tanning Lotion Reviews

As the summer months reach their peak, having that bronzy glow is even more desirable.  Whether you burn rather than tan or just want a little extra boost of color, the JWoww tanning lotion line is a great way to avoid the harmful side effects of prolonged sun exposure, while still achieving that beautiful glowing look.  But not all tanning lotions are created equal.  Anyone who’s dipped their toes into the tanning world knows that the difference between looking splotchy and orange or stunningly bronze often comes down to the product and the application.  Knowing the tips and tricks to achieving the perfect application, as well as choosing the right product can help you to avoid the dreaded, obvious bad tanning experience.

JWoww Tanning Lotion Comparison Chart

Picture Product Type Use Our Rating
JWoww Black Bronzer Bronzer Indoor 4.1
JWoww Mad Hot Tingle Bronzer Tingle/Bronzer Indoor 4.1
JWoww One and Done Intensifier Intensifier Indoor 4.3
JWoww Natural Black Bronzer Bronzer Indoor 4.4
JWoww Private Reserve Love of My Life Bronzer Bronzer Indoor 4.5
JWoww One And Done Advanced Black Bronzer Bronzer Indoor 4.2

Looking at the JWoww tanning lotion range from Australian Gold, it’s clear that there are dozens of options available to you to find the best tanning lotion for your personal needs.  Whether you want an extra dark formula, or a natural glow, there’s a product out there to suit your tastes.  With a little exfoliation prior to application, and the occasional help of a good lotion applicator, it is possible to achieve that perfect bronzed look every time.

Indoor tanning lotions can range from drugstore to luxury, and can run you anywhere from $5 to $200 dollars, depending on brand, quality, quantity of product, and intended market. But a good tanning lotion doesn’t need to be an expensive tanning lotion. The JWoww line of tanning products lie in the mid-range price wise, which is a great alternative to more expensive options on the market. The products vary slightly in price depending on type, ingredients and intended use. But it’s more than price that differentiates this group of unique products.

JWoww One And Done Advanced Black Bronzer

jwoww tanning lotionFirst up on this list of recommended products, is the One and Done Advanced Black Bronzer. This product comes in a 13.5 ounce bottle, with plenty of product to ensure a dark, exquisite tan many times over. It also includes a plethora of beneficial ingredients, which aren’t simply soothing, but also beautiful scented. These ingredients include a yogurt base, as well as vitamin E and shea butter, all of which smooth and hydrate the skin, which will also help the DHA from sticking to drier patches in the skin. Other keynotes include black current and pear oils, with similar skin-smoothing properties.
One of the least enjoyable aspects of self-tanners/bronzers is the often-unpleasant smell of DHA. Added scents can make the smell even worse, and become an over perfumed, overpowering mess that lasts hours on the skin. However, this One and Done Bronzer has a pleasant, yet light tropical scent that smells delicious and doesn’t simply cover up the DHA.
Now, one can’t discuss self-tanners without talking about the color produced. This product in particular is perfect for those who are searching for a deep, dark bronze in one application. With no orange in sight, you can put aside the fears of ending up like an oompa loompa for good.


  • Price, a great mid-range option
  • Beautiful final color
  • Smells great


  • Because the product is so dark, it can easily stain your fingers and nails if the product isn’t washed off the area right after application
  • If not applied carefully, this product can be slightly patchy. Tanning mitt recommended for even application.

JWoww Black Bronzer

This next recommendation is unbelievably sexy. The Black Bronzer Dark Tanning Lotion has tons of beneficial ingredients that create an overwhelmingly dark, gorgeous tan. With a combined effort of DHA and Jwoww’s black walnut shell blend, as well as caramel and Monoi de Tahiti, this product leaves a super dark, bronzed color payoff, darker than probably any other in the range.
But it’s not just the tanning ingredients that make this lotion so luxurious. Jam-packed with skin loving ingredients, this product will leave your skin feeling smooth and pampered. Similar to the One and Done, it includes ingredients like black currant oil, but it also has other ingredients that set it apart from others in the line. Sunflower oil and Kikui Nut Oil hydrate and the skin to not just bronze you up, but also improve your overall skin texture and leave you feeling sexy and smooth.


  • Price, a great mid-range option and one of the most cost effective in the line
  • Extremely dark color payoff, great for those who want a dramatic bronzy glow
  • Great option for those looking to create a nice base tan


  • May not be the best option out there for those with sensitive skin

JWoww Mad Hot Tingle Bronzer

This Mad Hot Tingle Bronzer is an extremely unique product on the tanning market, mostly because of it’s tanning process. The ingredients in tingle lotions like this produce a reddening in the skin. While this might sound a little scary, creating an increase in blood flow and momentary reddening the skin safely can make your skin more susceptible to the tanning agents like DHA and other bronzing agents. The act of reddening the skin normally creates a tingling sensation, thus the name “Mad Hot Tingle”. Depending on your personal skin sensitivity and your experience with similar products like this, the amount of tingling experienced will vary from person to person. It can either feel like nothing at all, or a rather intense tingle.
But this tingling all worth it, because even those who don’t tan as easily with traditional products or gradual tanners can achieve a deep, dark tan. This product contains tyrosine melanin, and other natural bronzers, all of which with together to produce an amazingly dark finished color. There are also many ingredients included to sooth the skin while also producing the tingling bronzed effect. Jwoww’s signature yogurt base, as well as other ingredients likes vitamin E, shea butter, black currant oil and pear smooth and sooth the skin to hydrate and improve skin’s overall texture. Like others in the range, this Mad Hot Tingle Bronzer has a pleasant, comfortable scent that is not overwhelming or overly perfumed.


  • Price, great mid-range option
  • Intense color payoff
  • Great option for those who haven’t had much luck with traditional bronzers or gradual tanners, as well as the experienced tanner
  • Scent: light Asian pear


  • Because it is a tingling product, there is a warning included with this product, as it can cause extreme tingling, burning and redness.
  • Not recommended for those with sensitive skin as it may cause an allergic reaction.

JWoww One and Done Intensifier

Another unique product from the JWoww indoor tanning line is the One and Done Intensifier. This can be used with or without the original One and Done, depending on the color that you’re looking for. The intensifier alone can produce a rather dark result once its on, but the two in conjunction can create a record breaking bronze. The Intensifier can create an incredibly natural looking tan that will make your friends and co-workers think you’ve just gotten back from a week on the beach.
But this product has an added benefit that separates it from others on the market. A couple of products from the Jwoww range feature what has been coined the “ink-drink complex”. This vitamin rich formulation is designed to help protect and preserve the look of tattoos from fading or being impacted by other skin changes that come from UV exposure. Other ingredients that are included in this formula include tyrosine, which increases the production of melanin, to produce a deeper, darker tan, as well as skin softening components such as shea butter and vitamin E. Similar to many of the products in this line, this Intensifier includes a yogurt base that helps to sooth skin and improves the look of your skin.


  • Price, a great mid-range option, as well as one of the most cost-effective options within the line
  • Produces a natural, yet dark bronzed finish
  • Gentle and skin softening
  • Protects tattoos from fading with the Ink-drink complex


  • Does not contain bronzer, color develops naturally over a period of time
  • Scent can change over time

JWoww Natural Black Bronzer

If you’re looking for an all in one product with many of the features mentioned in previous products, look no further. The Natural Black Bronzer with Ink-Drink Complex has many of the benefits of a lotion, a bronzer and an intensifier in one product. With other hallmarks of this range, including many of Jwoww’s signature ingredients, it’s a great product to look into if you’re interested in the line. Similar to other products from the line, it includes a skincare blend of a rich yogurt base along with black currant oil and pear extract to hydrate and nourish skin while you tan.
The glowing tan that this product gives is produced by an immediate dose of skin bronzers that instantly provide color, while the tanning agencies, like naturally derived DHA, create a lasting tan that develops over the course of a few hours. This product has been used with or without sun exposure or tanning beds, so it is an extremely versatile product. For those who want a boost of color quickly, the natural bronzers in this product are perfect for your needs.
Similar to the previous product mentioned, this Black Bronzer also contains the Ink-Drink complex, which utilizes shea butter, vitamins A and E, as well as beeswax and raspberry to preserve the vibrancy of tattoos with intense hydration.


  • Price, a great mid-range option, one of the more cost-effective options from this range
  • An all in one product, acts as a bronzer and an intensifier
  • Prevents the fading of tattoos
  • Gentle and skin softening
  • Non-greasy


  • May not be the best product for those who apply tanning lotion to their face.
  • Because the product is so dark, it can easily stain your fingers and nails if the product isn’t washed off the area right after application
  • Because the product contains bronzer, it may cause discoloration in clothing or sheets

JWoww Private Reserve Love of My Life Bronzer

This last recommendation is a great combination of Jwoww’s signature ingredients with additional, extra-luxurious ingredients. JWoww Private Reserve Love of My Life Bronzer is expertly crafted to be easy to apply and blend into skin, to prevent any patchiness or unevenness in color payoff. The product uses multiple different skin tinting ingredients to ensure a beautiful, dark tan that isn’t orange in the slightest. Ingredients include white DHA, Erythrulose and the black walnut extract that is utilized in many different Jwoww products for a gorgeous, rich color.
Like the rest of the line, this Private Reserve Love of My Life Bronzer is crafted with a yogurt-based lotion with pear extract and black currant oil to smooth and nourish skin. However, this product also introduces something new to the range: the sweetheart skincare blend. This blend includes rose extract and white birch extract that softens and hydrates skin, while also giving it a youthful glow.
In its entirety this combination of color and care produces a truly beautiful result that is dark and deep, while also being flawless and even.


  • Price, a great mid-range option
  • The formula has a great blend of ingredients that promote soft, well moisturized skin
  • Beautiful color payoff that is dark and even


  • Some will love the smell, while others may find it a bit overpowering to be pleasant

In Conclusion

The Jwoww line of bronzers and intensifiers is a great staple to have in your collection of tanning products. These lotions are extremely nourishing and jam packed with skin loving ingredients, so they do not dry out the skin during application or development. But what the line truly excels in is their color payoff. All of the products that have been mentioned produce an unbelievably gorgeous dark tan that will make you feel perfectly glowing and bronzed. Whether you’re looking for an immediately color or a naturally developing formula, there is something in this range for everyone. These products don’t simply alter your skin, they highlight it and preserve your own natural beauty.