Best Tanning Lotions for Sensitive Skin


Tanning enthusiasts often reach for tanning products to help boost and accelerate the tanning process. Many of these tanning lotions can help you develop your tan quicker while extending its lifespan. This also helps to rejuvenate, nourish, and protect the skin with the inclusion of antioxidants, vitamins, and natural extracts such as green tea or hemp seed. However, sometimes Ultra-Violent rays from tanning bed lotions may damage the skin and lead to premature ageing. To circumvent this situation you’ve to use some best tanning lotion for sensitive skin. In fact, this lotion will help you protect your skin from these unsafe UV-rays and provides glowing skin. Before purchasing a tanning lotion you’ve to check whether the specific product contains any amounts of harmful ingredients or not. With so many tanning products available, it’s important to select one suitable for your tanning needs and skin type as tanning lotions are available for diverse nature of skins. By realizing this factor, we have listed the top 5 best tanning lotions for sensitive skin in the following section which you can refer to determine which of these is ideal for you!

Top 5 Best Tanning Lotions for Sensitive Skin

Hempz Hypoallergenic Dark Tan Maximizer

If you have been wary of trying tanning maximizers before because of concerns about hypersensitivity reactions to your skin, Hempz Hypoallergenic Dark Tan Maximizer is your chance to get the dark tan for which you have been longing. This Tan Maximizer is ideal for adding maximum moisture to the skin so you can have the best and healthiest tan. With a blend of 100% Pure Natural Hemp Seed Oil, Mango Seed Butter and Oatmeal Complex extract, these natural ingredients leave your skin hydrated and beaming with an absolute radiant glow. This intensely hydrating blend delivers essential moisture which helps promote longer lasting color while comforting and soothing dry skin. Dark Tanning blend combines natural tan-enhancers that help prepare the skin to get the most out of every session and for dark, rich, golden skin color.

This formula is completely hypoallergenic and doesn’t contain any traces of parabens, gluten or nuts, making it the perfect choice for delicate skin tissue. While using Hempz Tan maximizer you don’t get that burnt smell that most of the other tanning lotions expose. It won’t give you that orange color and can form an ideal tanning lotion for a tanning bed. Light weight and never greasy, this product applies smoothly and is rapidly absorbed into the skin to condition and nourish, in order to prep you for every tanning session. Since its 100% natural, its use won’t result in any kind of skin irritation or allergies. Despite how mild its ingredients are, this formula still dramatically enhances production of melanin to make your skin as tan as possible. Not to mention, this product is fragrance free, and not too crazy strong or overpowering to the senses. However, you should note that this tanning lotion is comparatively pricier than other brands.

Designer Skin Naked Ambition

Are you ready to find a great product to make your skin healthy and feeling beautiful in addition to getting the most out of your tanning sessions? Then Designer Skin Naked Ambition is perfect for your tanning regimen. Designer Skin has already made a name for itself as a high-quality tanning products manufacturer. And it does not disappoint with this tanner. This good lotion for tanning bed gives instant results after getting out from the tanning bed. You’ll even sense pretty silky and tantalizingly smooth skin with perfect dark tan just after using it.

It leaves nothing but bare, bronzed and gorgeous skin. This hypoallergenic, natural bronzer leaves you with a sultry glow that’s all your own. With perfectly blended Opti-Glow™ – Shea Butter and Silk Amino Acids – your skin will become irresistibly soft and touchable. This radiant hydration blend is designed for particularly dry, sensitive skin to help in the restoration of suppleness and luminosity. Its 3D Protect groundbreaking technology locks in moisture, stimulates skin cell regeneration and rapidly cleanses, creating a trifecta of healthy skin and is intended to outdo all other competitors.

Designer Skin has ensured this product consists of a luscious fragrance with hints of Starfruit that finishes off this product exquisitely. It smells much like Ralph Lauren perfume leaving you feeling fresh. This tanning lotion is quite suitable for the people who’re conscious about their skin since it has magical solar silicone and light-engaged defiance. It is suitable for all types of skin esp for those with fair skin!

Swedish Beauty Shea You Love Me

A great lotion for beginners, Swedish Beauty Shea You Love Me is the product for getting a base on your base tan! Moisture intensive and sensually creamy, this lotion is hypoallergenic and will work well in protecting sensitive or pale skin. This Swedish Beauty Botanica collection is best suited for sensitive skin and gives great results. Those susceptible to burns and new tanners expressly appreciate this product! Besides, it does not stain clothing or make one smell like a coconut grove! Shea You Love Me™ unique skin care formula can be described as the power of nature at its best, targeting eczema and dry skin and making you over from pale to gorgeously dark and beaming! Because proper moisture is essential to maintaining your tan, the SHEA YOU LOVE ME formula contains one of the richest 100% natural emollients available on the market – vitamin-rich, creamy Shea butter. Aloe Vera and oatmeal are added to soothe your skin, while vitamin A and apple extract neutralize free radicals to keep your skin youthful.

Each time you apply this moisturizer, you will treat your skin to its proprietary BioBronze and Eco-Trio tanning blend. These natural melanin enhancers help keep the pigment in your skin smooth and healthy to prevent fading and also keep the tissue primed for tan, giving you darker and brown color results with every session. This tanning bed lotion hydrates your skin well and isn’t greasy at all. You can move to any location after tanning without being concerned about the smell as it gives off a fruity fragrance. Because the product is orange in color you may be concerned about staining your clothes after using it although this isn’t always the case. However, you don’t need to wash your hands before and after applying this tanning lotion as it’ll not lead to spots or any type of irritation.

Australian Gold Beachin

While you can’t beat the beach, Australian Gold Beachin comes as close to it as you can. This formula was developed to help you darken your skin tanning results to give you an appearance that you would otherwise only hope to obtain from soaking in the sun. This would be a great lotion for tanners building a base tan for protection during spring break or just the warmer months. It is extremely moisturizing and you’ll love how it makes the skin feel. You will also like the fact that it has anti-aging ingredients. It’s a great basic white lotion accelerator designed for any skin type and is hypoallergenic for anyone with sensitive skin.

It is hypoallergenic and dye free, so it is gentle on your skin. Nothing goes better with golden beach sand than a tropical cocktail, and that is why Beachin gives you a measure of real fruit juices with each application. The lilly pilly, apricot, and pineapple juices impart essential nutrients to your skin and help neutralize free radicals to help it keep it youthful and well hydrated with a smooth and healthy glow. Still, the tanning complex moisturizes, purifies, protects, and soothes your skin and accelerates production of melanin to push your tanning results further. It drenches your skin with delightful cocktail of exotic fruit juices for a healthy, irresistibly-hydrated bronze hue. Also, its formula contains Vacay Extend, a blend of grape seed, sweet almond, macadamia nut, and sunflower oils that rejuvenate and lock-in moisture to hydrate the skin and help your dark color results last for as long as possible.

Beachin’™ is the perfect lotion for tanning indoors or carrying with you on Spring Break, with its skin care ingredients and intensifiers designed to keep your skin healthy and tan you quicker and darker indoors or out! Whether you’re building your base before, soaking up the sunrays during or want to prolong that vacation color, it is time to get a totally Beachin tan!

Swedish Beauty Shea You Want Me

You would love to have a dark, gorgeous tan like the other girls on the beach, but your sensitive skin is holding you back. Salvation for sensitive skin tanners in quest of dark color comes in the form of a unique skin care formula – Swedish Beauty Shea You Want Me. Part of the New Sunshine collection from Swedish Beauty that is the sister-product to the highly popular hypoallergenic Shea You Love Me, this tanning lotion contains natural ingredients with added natural bronzers instead of synthetic chemicals, so it is gentle on your skin. This formula is designed for daily use by people with sensitive skin and can be applied between your tanning sessions to help perfect your tan color while prolonging its life.

This extreme moisture-rich instant hypoallergenic bronzer is the perfect match in case you want amazing color and skin care. Natural henna and black walnut enhance your color instantly while providing immediate and lasting results whereas all-natural ingredients function to deliver moisture deep into your skin. It contains cocoa butter, an excellent moisturizer which targets dry skin to help heal, nourish, and protect your skin. Smooth and silky skin are just some of the amazing results you will see with this boosted island Biobronze blend that includes yumberry, banana, orange, angelica and agave nectar. A powerful burst of free radical fighting anti-oxidants combines with 3 super-moisturizers specifically designed to deliver moisture and vitamins to the skin resulting in a radiant, soft appearance. It is fragrance free although you get a Sunset Surf scent and a small hint of the Cocoa and Oatmeal. The tanning lotion goes on like a lotion should, with no stickiness. Shea You Want Me is available in 8.5 ounce-size bottle that’ll last a long time, depending on your tanning habits.