Best Tanning Lotion For Men


Okay, so we are going to switch our focus here a little bit. The women have had their turn, let’s talk about the men. It is no secret that many men also desire a great tan whether it is from our good friend in the sky or a bed. A good tanning lotion is just as important for men as it is for women. If you have read any of my other articles, I would think it is obvious I am a woman, so for this article I have enlisted some help to answer the questions and hopefully provide you with some meaningful results!

What is the Best Tanning Lotion for Men?

What do men want in a tanning lotion and what are the best tanning lotions out there that meet these requirements? For starters, a not-so-flowery smelling lotion seems to be a must. This makes sense to me. Why would a guy who spends their money and time looking good want to smell like they just came out from behind a woman’s perfume counter? They don’t! Another requirement (or desire really) that I have found seems to be that the lotion not be very …”slimy”. This would probably be the hardest one to nail down as we are asking a lotion to… ugh… not feel like lotion, but let’s see what we can come up with. Check out our results!

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These are in no particular order!

Designer Skin Mr. Big Time

Aside from the bottle looking like something that belongs in an Egyptian tomb (I mean that in a good way!) Designer Skin Mr. Big Time has gotten amazing reviews. Mr. Big Time lives up to his hype by providing long lasting coverage without the princess smell of many lotions. Well, this satisfies one of our criteria, let’s see what else Mr. Big Time has… The lotion also dries very quickly which helps alleviate our lotiony-lotion conundrum! There is no sunscreen in this dude so if you are looking for SPF/UV protection this is not your man, but if you are bed-tanning and looking to bronze it up, Mr. Big Time is GTG with 7x bronzing power! If you’re a guy with tattoos this stuff offers an anti-fade tattoo protection with an infusion of Aloe, vitamin B, and Spearmint mixture. So if this sounds good to you, check it out!

Designer Skin Hero Worship

Next up we have Designer Skin Hero Worship. If you want to achieve a dark tan fast and reek of blooming musk (in a good way of course), then this is for you. This bad boy acts as a two-in-one system – accelerator by day and activator by night! The accelerator works to give you the deepest, darkest tan while the activator continues to intensify color over night all the while keeping your skin nice and smooth. Say goodbye to that greasy mess because Hero Worship absorbs right into the skin and doesn’t leave behind that slimy layer. Be aware that this lotion does not contain any SPF so don’t go too crazy in that tanning bed! Use this lotion daily for best results!

California Tan HD Mann

Let’s talk about California Tan HD MannWith a name that sounds more like a gladiator ready to face the lions than a tanning lotion, HD Mann’s Quartus Decimus is a great way to get a natural looking tan. Basically, if you have ever wanted to look orange and streaky this one is not for you. One of the best qualities about this product is the smell. The lotion is reminiscent of cologne more than a tanning lotion that you may be used to which is obviously a good thing. Also, this bronzer comes packed with “Energen” which will reduce signs of aging by providing the skin with additional nutrients tailored specifically to men’s needs. Well, we also said we don’t want the slime…HD Mann, has you covered with a lotion that is easy to apply without streaking. The only real downside to this lotion is the lack of SPF, which really isn’t an issue if you are looking for a bronzer (duh!). So throw it on, go get your tan and forget about taking a shower because you already smell good enough to go battle to the death (or, you know, whatever it is you want to do).

Australian Gold G Gentlemen

Alright Mr. Fancy Pants, get out the Rolex® and your white suit because we are going gold! Australian Gold G Gentlemen hits on all cylinders. With a coconut water base, this lotion is designed to keep your skin hydrated and feeling fresh. The base also helps with streak-free application and allows the lotion to provide excellent coverage. Want to get a tan that looks like you just got back from Acapulco rather than a salon? Pick up a bottle of this, you jet-setter. The even application allows for a dark, natural looking tan. A “rugged” smell keeps you from smelling like a daisy which is good because that was one of the biggest concerns we had. Also, because this lotion is specially formulated to help prevent tattoos from fading, that butterfly on your butt will look as good as the day the ink was laid! The ingredient responsible for this awesome feature is an herb call “Tiger Grass”, if that is not bad-ass than I don’t know what is. So pull up the Mercedes and channel your inner Charlie Sheen, get the Tiger in you and pick up a bottle!

Couture Sport Devoted Creations

If you’re the type of guy that is a bit more natural, but still wants a great tan, you will definitely want to check out Couture Sport by Devoted Creations.  With ingredients like tea tree oil and Acai (who can ever pronounce this…) oil this lotion will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated. Patchouli Jasmine is included to provide a manly, natural scent. One of the great features of this lotion is that Matrixyl is included to reduce any overbearing smell that some lotions may leave behind after a session, but it still lingers enough that you can suit up and take on your day. Also, this lotion is formulated to not go on greasy so you won’t feel like a perfect medium-well burger (you beefcake, you!). It goes on easy and absorbs quickly to provide an even and deep tan. So get in touch with your natural side and take the serum.