Best Indoor Tanning Lotions for Legs


You may want to use a tanning lotion or accelerator in order to make the most of tanning sessions. This is partly because sunless/indoor tanning offers you the tan you want without the extreme exposure to the Suns Ultra-Violet rays. Melanin for skin pigmentation as well as various oils for skin conditioning and protection form the main ingredients in tanning lotions. Bear in mind that there are indoor tanning products that are specifically meant for your legs in outdoor sun and outdoor suntan lotions will not be effective with indoor tanning beds. The following is a list of the best indoor tanning lotions for legs currently on the market.

Top 5 Best Indoor Tanning Lotions for Legs

Supre Snooki Ultra Dark Leg Bronzer

Make your legs red carpet-worthy by using Supre Snooki Ultra Dark Leg Bronzer. The Snooki Ultra-Dark Leg-Bronzer w/ Hair-Growth Inhibitors 6 Oz by Supre is currently a commonly sought after and bought Self Tanners/Bronzer. Generally speaking, Supre is considered to be a solid brand among Self-Tanners and Bronzers. This blinged out bronzing formula has been specially designed to target the hard to tan areas for dramatically darkening your legs after UV exposure. The ultra-intense tanning lotion targets the legs and other areas which are hard to tan and produces dark color which is sure to wow everyone who will see you in your short shorts, bikini or mini skirt.

Enriched with skin firmers, skin conditioners and shave minimizers, this ultra-dark formula is sure to leave your legs feeling soft, smooth and extremely sexy! With HyperDark Tanning technology, this lotion readies your skin for the indoor tanning bed, so you will immediately start developing deep and rich golden color. The tanning then continues following your session with a blend of advanced long acting bronzers. Vitamin enriched skin conditioner blend does help to skin fight against environmental stress for a-more radiant and healthier looking glow. It also contains Advanced Skin Firming blend to help improve and smooth skin’s texture for a more tightened and toned appearance. SoftChic skin moisturizers with Sweet Almond and Coconut Oil hydrate skin leaving it feeling silky-smooth and sexy besides it been Paraben Free.

Designer Skin-Head Over Heels Dark Bronzer for Legs

Get carried away and then fall Head Over Heels™ in love with sleek, tone and golden legs! Designer Skin Head Over Heels Dark Bronzer for Legs is ideal for your legs with added shave minimizers in order to promote smoothness and slow down growth of hair. With the use of superior skin care ingredients and excellent tanning complexes, this Miracle Collection offers powerful age defying and firming benefits whilst delivering stunning bronze results. This superior Dark Bronzer will deliver dramatically darkened color for optimal results. This superior lotion delivers dramatically dark color for optimal results This superior Dark Bronzer delivers dramatically dark color for optimal results Caffeine helps tone and tighten the skin for extra sex appeal whilst subtle shimmer allows your legs to get noticed.

Formulated with the hard-to-tan places in mind, this blend of the darkest bronzers together with subtle shimmer is sure to deliver all the dazzling dark color that your heart desires! The Candied Plum scent is quite pleasant and smells nice once it is first applied. Some indoor lotions would leave you smelling burnt following a nice, long tanning session. The fragrance only enriches with the heat and develops a warmer and more potent Sugar scent. Head Over Heels is perfect if you’ve to head straight from a salon to work or out. You’ll smell delicious!

Devoted Creations Lavish Legs

In order to achieve the ultimate all-over brilliant glow, Lavish Legs™ will be a tanner’s dream! Devoted Creations Lavish Legs is the ultimate dark leg bronzing formula that makes use of hair re-growth inhibitors and with a fragrance of Midnight Spice. The Lavish Legs will help keep your legs appearing sleek and smooth in addition to being gorgeously bronzed. This product has been specifically formulated for use in conjunction with other tanning lotions so as to obtain gorgeous, dark legs.

Besides, the bronzing trifecta – which consists of both delayed and immediate bronzers which will work in order to darken your legs to the ideal shade. It contains hair re-growth inhibitors that help one maintain this color through slowing down the hair growth rate, thereby reducing your core need to shave as frequently. BodyFit™, RevitaFit™ and IdealLift™ technologies work to make legs appear their best by toning, tightening and firming. Besides, coffee bean extracts help reduce any form of swelling and also increasing the circulation within your legs. The product will offer you precisely what you are seeking for, the-Lavish Legs™ of your ultimate dreams!

Swedish Beauty Girlfiriend Sexy Legs

Get your glow on by using this DHA leg bronzer and shave minimizers for satin soft and stubble-free skin. Sealed with Hydration, Swedish Beauty Girlfiriend Sexy Legs has a gentle blend of healing and moisturizing ingredients that work together to help condition skin and seal it in water thereby resulting in a soft, smooth, touchable finish.
The 3-part system uses a signature bronze which is sealed using hydration and skin care which gets delivered directly to your pores. It features Sweet Treats™ with Dark Chocolate and blueberries for fighting off free radicals for more youthful looking skin. Skincare, delivered using Curve Appeal™ Technology, helps combine and visibly tone, firm and smooth skin.

It gives a decent color, and smell is good though it might be powerful particularly when mixed with other lotions. The shave minimizers in it work particularly pretty well with its ATO Inhibitor helping neutralize after tan odor for a fresh and clean feeling. The texture is thin, more or less runny, and can feel quite sticky if you do not wipe off hands prior to you hopping in the bed. The leg bronzer washes off quite quickly though, mainly once you shave. It is specially formulated to target the beginners and most seasoned tanners won’t go near this stuff.

Zero To Sexy Dark Bronzing Tanning Lotion For legs

Nothing can easily ruin the look of a stunning tan faster than legs that are too light or splotchy thanks to poor tanning sessions. Since the legs could be so hard to tan, indoor tanning experts from “Jersey Shore” and at Snooki teamed up so as to create a formula specially targeted for them. Quick Sun Color Tint and MelanINK™ Bronzer works to promote dark color which is streak-fee and gives off a matte finish that adds a bit of dimension to skin. Mega Magical Silicone Emulsion will provide your skin with an optimal level of hydration and protection while giving your skin a velvety smooth and soft finish that leaves the skin looking as great as it feels.

The Zero To Sexy Dark Bronzing Tanning Lotion For Legs Argan Oil-based Dark Bronzing Tanning Lotion gives a rich golden color. Deep, dark bronzers offer a rich shade of bronze whilst Argan Oil conditions your skin in order for remarkable softness. Some of its features include Limitless Tanning Complexe™ containing “Dopa,” the Melanin Precursor, to help activate the indoor tanning process for your legs and eliminate any restraints on dark color potential. Its Skin Activated Moisture™ comprises a conditioning system which uniquely melts at skin temperature thereby giving the skin a luxuriously moisturized feel.

As you can see, there are a range of best indoor tanning lotions for legs offered by various manufacturers. These products are guaranteed to help you reconnect with your past as a habitual self-tanner and especially now that summer is on the horizon. You can consider trying out some or all these products by your own to see the one that is perfect for you!