Top 5 Best Bronzer Tanning Lotion Reviews


Armed with quality products and good information, you will be flaunting your lovely tan and turning heads everywhere you go. The following is a list of the best bronzer tanning lotion reviews out there on the market!

Top 5 Best Bronzer Tanning Lotion Reviews

Millenium Tanning Solid Black Bronzer

Luxury meets technology with Millenium Tanning Solid Black Bronzer. Anybody who is into tanning or looking for the genuine dark color (certainly not orange) is assured to love this product. With its 100x Ultra-Advanced Silicone Bronzer Auto Darkening Technology, it is intended to outdo all other competitors. Many report Solid Black Bronzer Lotion to be the best product for them since results are quick, even after only one use! Bronzer 100X means you get darker quicker! Blended with extreme bronzers, silicon and ultra-moisturizers to give immediate results, you will be sure to be putting on the perfect bronzed appearance in no time at all.

The bottle is a cool white and grey 13.5 ounce lotion with a cross-design and fun swirls on the front with Solid Black labeled in bold, white lettering. The ingredients include a silicone bronzer and tan enhancer blend, which works really well at moisturizing your skin whilst giving an even tan. It has some pretty great natural ingredients including sunflower, walnut, and pecan seed oil, oleracea fruit oil, banana fruit extract and camellia oleifera leaf extract just to name a few.

As with most tanning lotions, this product becomes more effective after attaining a base tan. This lotion has a great consistency – spreads evenly and goes on non-greasy. Plus it leaves your skin feeling soft and silky smooth afterwards. Topping it off with a light orchid blush scent is a definite bonus perk. The smell is pleasing during and after application, leaving a pleasant trail as you pass people by. The bronzer does work quickly therefore remember to thoroughly wash your hands promptly after application to prevent stains! Although most people found the tanning lotion useful, a very few have reported experiencing orange or yellow streaks.

Designer Skin Luminary Bronzer

Designer Skin Luminary Bronzer is considered one of the best tanning products available for users out there. With plenty of positive reviews to check out, this lotion has stood its grounds – which is quite impressive! This tanning product is suitable for use on all types of skin (even sensitive skin) and you can use it for both outdoor and indoor tanning. Designer Skin Luminary Bronzer lotion gives a deep, dark tan that the manufacturer claims also has a multi functional system which is able to fight free radicals, to enhance the smoothness and elasticity of the skin. The product has silicone emulsifiers meant for soft supple skin which lasts long after your tanning session. This lotion delivers rapid results and does not leave any oil or grease! Tanners who have issues burning easily claim that this product gives you an awesome bronze-tan without any of the horrid red blotches, which is definitely a bonus.

Definitely give Luminary Bronzer a try. If you are just starting out in indoor tanning, this would be a great place to start. It is also a great choice in case you’re rather fair skinned and not possessing a dark base tan, since you don’t want something which makes you look unnatural. It is meant to get you a darker tone than tanning alone, but not very dark, so you can slowly work your way to the color you desire. It also leaves your skin feeling and smelling amazing. Not to mention, it smells pretty awesome, almost perfume like and not too crazy strong or overpowering to the senses. You will love the sweet champagne fizz fragrance this product comes in and that leaves a very subtle scent that’s not too overwhelming. And it does leave you feeling pretty silky and tantalizingly smooth with its moisturizing ingredients.

Quick and long lasting results make this product a frequent tanner favorite. The product comes packaged in a truly luminary bottle (as the name would suggest). A bottle of Designer Skin Luminary Bronzer will last a long time, perhaps even the whole season, depending on your tanning habits. There are no major cons associated with this product. The worse complaint from user reviews is the orange stain around their fingers and on clothes if worn shortly after tanning. Other than that, most people are very happy with their results!

Brown Sugar Black Chocolate 200X Black Bronzer

Nothing can be better than a pack of decadent dark-black chocolate, except perhaps receiving a tan that is as dark and delectable! Brown Sugar Black Chocolate 200X Black Bronzer helps get that deep-brown tan that you have been salivating and longing for! Black Bronzer bestows your skin with a wide-ranging bronzing recipe for the deepest skin bronzing imaginable. This luxury tanning lotion is produced in small batches with the finest ingredients for superior quality and also to make sure that its blend of silicone black-bronzers is perfectly balanced to boost the tanning effects up to 200 times, providing unparalleled feel and glow. Its unique production approach makes this product able to satisfy your deepest chocolate-tan cravings without the need for DHA.

This lotion actually contains double-dark chocolate extract, which nourishes the skin to a heaping antioxidants helping to help protect it from wrinkles and lines. Max silicone help drench the skin in moisture and prevent tanning-related roughness and dryness from arising. The formula feels much like a moisturizing butter and upon application, it’s quickly absorbed into the skin tissue. After a few sessions using this lotion, you’ll be able to see instant results right out-of the tanning bed, which is pretty amazing! The scent is great and sets it apart from other lotions since it does not smell like your average tanning lotion.

Designer Skin BombShell 100XX Bronzer

As its name suggests, the Designer Skin BombShell 100XX Bronzer is simply a bombshell bronzer operating from within. Designed for experienced tanners, this bronzer lotion creates an intense tingling sensation upon application to the skin as its formula accelerates flow of blood and activates the UV receptor cells. Enriched with antioxidants, normal-place components and plant extracts including soy, white tea extract and CoQ10 (co-enzyme Q10) will help keep your skin sizzling through your tanning session. This helps moisturize the skin and shield the skin against the damaging effects of ultraviolet exposure, all without interfering with the tanning process. The formula will, at the same time, also allow for even tanning, hence preventing splotches which may make your impeccable less than perfect.

The product has an exotic, sweet kiwi-watermelon fragrance that’ll keep your skin smelling absolutely awesome. Unlike other tanning lotions, the fragrance will still be very noticeable even after the session is over, giving you a fresh, tropical island-like feeling. Subtle and feminine, the scent of this lotion will certainly be a great replacement for your usual perfume. The tingle will cause a particularly intense prickling sensation and some found the sizzle a bit too much. So be careful when applying this lotion as it is not recommended that you put on your face or sensitive areas.

Jwoww One And Done Advanced Black Bronzer

best bronzer tanning lotionThe best bronzing tanning lotions available could perhaps be one of collections of lotions by JWOWW. One such lotion is Jwoww One And Done Advanced Black Bronzer – an advanced lotion with DHA as well as an organic yogurt-base, infused with pear-and black-currant oil for silky and smooth skin. The yogurt-base is very rich in proteins and nutrients, and functions as a base on the skin for the lotion tan to stick to. It is formulated to work in conjunction with the skin’s natural melanin, helping the production process. It contains a proprietary black walnut, vitamin E and delicious Shea butter blend rich with skin protective antioxidants and skin moisturizers to deliver a dark even tan and to prevent wrinkles.

Because of its yogurt base, this lotion is a great choice to use if you have sensitive skin. It has gained much praise for producing amazing results quickly! Even better for all those fair-skinned tanners out there is the fact that it can give you some noticeably great color after only 3 uses! You will love how it keeps the skin soft, silky and moisturized with a yogurt-base infused with pear-and black currant oil.

The bottle is a 13.5 ounce lovely, round, purple bottle with black lettering and JWOWW written on the front side in bold, gold-cursive print. It is a fast-acting bronzer with no tingle and great for sensitive skin. One and Done can give good results in one tanning session but for the best results, use for a few sessions.

This lotion contains an odor-eliminator to prevent any unpleasant after-tan smell. The lotion itself has a sensual fruity scent with hints of Asian Pear and a combination of other exotic fragrances including vanilla, tiger lily, musk and bourbon which finishes off this tanning lotion beautifully. All these combine to produce a scent that will leave you feeling sensual after applying this lotion. The scent is fairly light and not overwhelming. While again there seems to be opposing feelings about the fragrance of this tanning product, these differences of view are really to be expected by reason of the fact that not everybody likes the same fragrances. Note that this product doesn’t have much glitter or shimmer, so if that is what you are searching for, you may want to consider buying a different bronzer lotion. The release date indicates it should be used within 18-months after opening.